Soukoukai Practice Events

If you want to get better, seat time is the answer. You know the old saying, “practice makes perfect”? Well, they weren’t lying! Practice, practice, practice! As much as you possibly can. No car modification will ever compare to seat time and practice, remember that!

Our “Soukoukai” practice events are loaded with seat time and exciting driving!

Come out and test your skills, push yourself to new limits, and practice twin-drifting with your friends & fellow drivers!



Our famous DRIFT GAMES!

A solo lap competition held at lunch time at all of our Practice Events! Friendly competition format designed to help drivers dip their toes into the competition format. We’re here to help you progress every single step of the way, and overcoming “under pressure” nerves is part of that!

Drivers will be broken into run groups and are then eliminated based on a Roulette Style Elimination. The remaining drivers will move on to the next round until there are only TWO drivers left!

Whoever has the cleanest lines coupled with an aggressive style with score very highly!