Starting off can be intimidating; not sure what to expect, not sure if anyone will be there to help out, and just unsure in general! We alleviate these problems by setting you up for success from the get-go.

With 4 skid pads including our main Circuit, there will be an insane amount of seat time - which is the most crucial part of learning - maximizing your time behind the wheel so you can get comfortable being sideways!

Couple this with our Advanced Instructors that are there to guide you, help you, sit with you, video you, and critique you! The best part is, our instructors are some of our local drivers, so you’ll see them at every event and they’re always willing to answer questions at any given time! We are a group of like-minded Drivers that only want to see PROGRESSION so that we can put on an exciting show for our friends and families!


1 Track.

4 Skid Pads.

Classroom Q&A.

Advanced Instructors.

All of this will help YOU learn to DRIFT!


Drivers will hone in their skills while having an instructor guide them through basic Drift Training. As stated above, we have many Advanced Instructors on hand to help you every step of the way! They can even drive your car to show you what it’s capable of doing as well as getting a feel for your car setup to better understand what’s going on thus giving you the best hands on advice you could ask for!

See our Instructor Bio Page to meet the Instructors!

Also check out our NOVICE CLINIC Layout below!