Our Team of Advanced Instructors


Brandon Gray

My name is Brandon Gray from Richmond, VA. I drive a 1991 Nissan 240sx with a 2JZ swap. I’ve been drifting since 2015! I got into drifting back in 2004-05 from seeing a documentary on TLC Rides with my brother and fellow Black Hand teammate Jeremy Gray. It was all downhill from there!

I enjoy teaching because it lets me give back to the drifting community and be involved with the new generation of drifters!


Ben Maddock

My name’s Ben Maddock and I’ve been drifting for 6 years.

In 2011, I saw a Bloodmasters (drifting) video that got me way too excited. A broke college kid, it took me two years to get my act together and prepare a ‘93 240SX. It’s been all downhill ever since!

Turning laps at the track is only a fraction of what drifting is. Choking on fiberglass, welding differentials, pinching pennies, and rummaging through your backseat for another ziptie.

The next natural progression is teaching. I love helping others reach their ambitions whether that’s through technical advice, car setup or just building confidence in the driver.

Drivers paddock-5.png

Thomas Albanese

My name is Thomas Albanese from Richmond, VA. I drive a 1990 Nissan 240sx that I have swapped an LS1 into from a 1999 Camaro Z28. I have been drifting since 2014!

I got into drifting back in 2007-2008 from being exposed to it in high school by my friend (and fellow BlackHand teammate) Jeremy Gray. We would go down to VIR and watch people slide the Patriot Course!

I enjoy teaching because it gives a new generation of drifters a safe place to learn. It is awesome to see someone start the day struggling to do a figure 8, and then by end of the day link the main course!


Nate Chen

Years drifting: 8

I discovered drifting through Tokyo Drift and attended my first event, Formula D at Summit Point in 2007. I thought it looked really cool being able to mimic another driver's movements while getting inches from their door, all while controlling a machine that weighed thousands of pounds.

I entered the drifting community in 2008 by filming local events and worked my way up to receiving media credentials at D1 Grand Prix and Formula D. I saved up money by teaching skateboarding and shooting videos so that by the time I was 16, I was able to buy a stock BMW E30 for $2,000. As I progressed, the car was built out with the help of my friends and included a 1JZ powerplant. I now drive a 1JZ S14 and am in the process of building (with the help of Committed Service Brand, Fortune Auto, and Prayoonto Racing / Clutch Masters) a V8 Scion FR-S for this season. 

Its awesome to be able to see how much progress my students can make in just a few hours. They go from never having done a doughnut to being able to link turns by the end of the day and that in and of itself is very rewarding!




Dylan Sclater

I have been drifting since December and have driven 4 practice events including SSS. My car is a 1999 Miata stock power with coilovers, rack-spacers, cut knuckles, and stock lsd!

I like to ride bmx when not drifting and think they go really well together!


Jack Rancorn

I’ve been drifting for 3 months and have been driving for 4 events! 

My goal is to drive as much as possible and progess to the best of my ability.

My car (as of right now) is a 1999 NB Miata: stock power on stock angle. Only mods that have been done are coil-overs and sway bars.

My favorite thing to do while not drifting would probably be working so I can go drifting!